Our Vision

To be the first choice independent financial planning company for Canadians wanting to fulfill their financial needs. Our passion accelerates our clients, at whichever age or stage of wealth accumulation they are starting at, to make the best choices by planning well, managing their money, securing their retirement and to capitalize on the wisest strategies to save on taxes and to preserve their wealth and estates.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the service environment that allows Canadians to confidently plan, save, invest and protect their wealth. Our value as planners is to inspire the best choices from the limitless opportunities the market affords, based on proven, time tested principles so that our clients can reap the benefits of personalized plans that yield positive results over time, in any market conditions.

Our clients are upwardly mobile, goal-oriented, and often, entrepreneurial people for whom we solve financial uncertainty and guide in wealth building. Their interest in registered retirement plans, tax free accounts, mortgages, life and disability insurance or successful investment and tax strategies, means that we access the full spectrum of possibilities available to us as independent planners. In providing excellent service that matches clients with the most beneficial plan and product, we build valuable, long lasting relationships.

We serve our clients best by bridging youthful innovation and creative planning strategies with foundational financial principles. Dedicated to life long learning, Ozturk Financial advisors participate in advanced industry training and active education towards professional designation that further empower dynamic responses to market realities in the service of clients.