About Oguzhan Ozturk

Oguzhan Ozturk

Oguzhan's passion for finance revealed itself with the purchase of his first GIC at the TD Bank. He was 17 and accompanied by his father. The self discipline and foundation lessons of his early investment experiences have grown to a life long love of business. His success secret is the ability to merge his fresh and innovative outlook with time honoured market understanding.

His acumen enabled him to pay for his own university education, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, to indulge his love of travel and to pursue continuous learning. On his training path to expertise, he has never lost sight of his goals and opportunities to further educate himself and his clients.

By 2009, after three successful years as an award winning consultant with Investors Group Financial Services, Oguzhan established Ozturk Financial Ltd. As an independent, Oguzhan now has the platform to service the growing needs of his clients and in particular, to access more advanced and comprehensive financial planning tools.

Dedicated to the fundamentals of good business, self discipline and innovative thinking in building wealth, he shares his skill and perception now with clients. His commitment to building strong relationships translates to excellent industry resources and contacts, and what he is most proud of, taking the time to get to know his clients so that he can better guide them to achieve their goals and dreams.

(Wondering how to pronounce Oguzhan? Try it like this: Oh Sun! See? It's as clear as Oguzhan makes the path to investment strategies for positive results, for you)

About Ozturk Associates

The company's associates are qualified, customer focused individuals who offer specialized services and products to meet the needs of Ozturk Financial clients. While Oguzhan is every client's primary contact, he'd like you to meet some of the integral team members and resources he calls on to serve Ozturk Financial's clients.

Chad Wilson

Chad Wilson

Chad is a mortgage professional with several years of experience working in financial services. His professional demeanor and business savvy have allowed him to hold various positions in a leadership role and over the past 10 years has allowed him to build excellent lender relationships as a Mortgage Broker. In 2010, the Canadian Association of Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) nominated Chad for Mortgage Broker of the Year.

With the ability to research market trends, as well understand financial planning needs and the use of leveraging for increasing wealth, Chad has quickly developed a reputation that precedes him. His clientele realize the benefits of utilizing his skills as an independent professional whom understands the entire lending market.

An education in business, experience in the financial markets, and a desire to provide the best service and advice available anywhere. Whether it be residential purchase or re-finance, Chad will assist you in making the right financing decision.

For a friendly and free consultation, contact Chad for superior advice and market selection.


How do you benefit with a Mortgage Specialist?

Imagine the next time you walk into a bank or credit union for a mortgage and NOT simply accepting the one price or product they offer you.

Instead, you choose from more than 40 banks and credit unions who want your business. Due to the volume of mortgage business provided to our network of lenders, you have access to preferred mortgage rates. Why pay retail prices when you can get wholesale prices? As a bonus, our service is at no charge to you. Banks pay your mortgage specialists fee when business is placed with them. We will shop the market for you and get the most favourable rates and options for your mortgage.